Essential Pieces: Fall Staples


With the fall season here and the cooler weather swiftly approaching, aka my favorite time of the year, it is essential that you have all the necessary pieces ready to go in your wardrobe. As I’ve mentioned before I am a lazy dresser and the less time I have figuring out my look of the day the better. I believe that it is important to have your wardrobe stockpiled with all the essential pieces that will prepare you for an effortless fall wardrobe. Like the old adage says “when you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” While there are always many new trends and styles alike that dominate the fashion scene each season, if you have the essentials already prepped and ready to go in your closet, then you are already a step ahead of the competition. While I cannot readily detail all of the pieces that will be relevant this season, I can at least provide you with the items that I believe any woman should have as staples in her everyday wardrobe.

1.) Turtle Necks (lots of them in every color)

If you know me you know that I am crazy about turtle necks. I have been in love with them since my mother made me wear one for school picture day in the fourth grade. I hated it at the time but as soon as I realized how chic it looked compared to what my peers were wearing I became an instant fan. I love that you can dress it up or down and it is essential for any woman’s wardrobe.

2.) Leather Skinnies

I am the queen of black leather skinnies and it is definitely my favorite clothing item of all time. I have several pairs and I am always on the hunt for new ones to add to my already vast collection. I believe that it is an essential piece and it instantly adds an extra level of cool to any look.

3.) Over-Sized Sweaters

These are the perfect excuse to be a lazy dresser during the autumn months. The over-sized sweater is probably one of my top picks to always have on hand. It is easy and effortless and when worn right it becomes a chic understated look. I would suggest having several of these and you can even get a few of them that are not black ;). These can easily be paired with a pair of your leather skinnies to add a contrasting edge to the ensemble.

4.) Perfect White Button Down

This piece is an obvious need and it cannot be overlooked even when you are a lover of all black. The white button down will forever be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. The need to find the perfect one is essential and it plays as a foundation piece that can be layered or worn alone as the statement piece.

5.) Tailored Pair of Slacks

If you are as OCD as I am, you would definitely agree with this. The devil is surely in the details and a pair of slacks that aren’t tailored is like not having your regular cup of coffee in the morning. TRAGIC! I am very anal when it comes to tailoring your clothes and if you want to be taken seriously your clothes should not be ill-fitting. A tailored pair of slacks is an essential piece for not only the working business woman but also for any woman that desires to be prepared for any situation. These slacks serve the purpose of adding a piece to your wardrobe that says that you are serious!

6.) Black Leather Biker Jacket

This is probably the second most important piece that you should have hanging in your closet. A leather biker jacket obviously adds a little edginess to any and every look but it is a piece that you can transition through any season. It is not only necessary to have this readily available in your wardrobe but it is probably more pressing for it to be the perfect one (from the brand ACNE preferably)! This is not as easy of a task as you think. This jacket has to withstand the test of time and be of good quality as well as convey the message that you didn’t try too hard even though you probably did. LOL! Even after you have found THE jacket you shouldn’t limit yourself and get a few more so that you will have options. We love options! You will more often than not wear that ONE but the idea of having more to choose from makes you feel better because you can obviously wear any of the other ones if you really wanted to (sarcasm).

7.) Oversized Coat

While the weather may not be as drastic as the winter months, it is still noted that you should already be prepared with one of these in your closet. The over-sized coat serves not only the purpose of keeping you warm but it is a comfortable and it can portray an easiness in any look that you may pair it with. Plus, you never know when there may be that one frigid day that deserves a sample of what level of chic that you will have to look forward to in the winter.

8.) Cashmere Sweater

EVERY single individual should own at least one cashmere item and a sweater is the most obvious choice in a list of options. This is essential to own as anything cashmere is more than likely to be of excellent quality and if you own a sweater that comes in that material then you have officially become an adult. While anything cashmere is probably on the pricier end, this is an investment piece that will serve you well. You can always find one that is on sale as I am proud to say I just purchased a sweater for seventy percent off of the full price. That is obviously an amazing deal and there are many other options that can be found at a similar price.

9.) Leather Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is not really a pencil skirt if it doesn’t come in leather. I know, I know, I am heavy handed on leather but it’s my favorite material and I can’t help it. Which is the very reason that it is the perfect piece to include on this list. The pencil skirt has always been an important piece that every woman should possess. This updated version in leather is even more necessary. This is an alternative option of a classic piece but this updated version packs a more powerful punch.

10.) Little Black Dress (you should have multiple but one more can never hurt)

This goes without being said but I will take this opportunity to reinforce the need to have this mandatory clothing item in your wardrobe (year round). Many if not most of all women have at least one of these hanging up already, but I had to reiterate this fact for those who may not have known that this is certainly a NEED. The little black dress was popularized by THEE Coco Chanel herself and it has been a catch all for any and every event that you can think of attending. You can get any iteration of this as there are countless options and it is flattering on women of all ages and sizes. The more the merrier!

11.) Camel Colored Trench Coat (get a black one too while you’re at it)

This is a slight deviation from the all black mantra but sometimes you have to be open minded as long as the piece is cohesive with your wardrobe. A camel colored trench is a classic and it certainly complements any variation of an all-black look. The chic sophistication that the trench coat adds to a look is second to none and I am even more convinced that everyone would feel the same. For those that are not willing to step out your comfort zone of black on black on black, don’t fret because there is always the option to get it in black. You can even get one in both colors.

12.) Tailored Black Skirt Suit

Again, I will stress the importance of tailoring and how it can make or break a good piece. That is no different when talking about a classic black suit. It is probably even more important than not because nine time out of ten you are probably going to go somewhere that requires this option such as work, a business meeting, church or even court if you are some kind of criminal or something. The judge will likely be more lenient if your suit fits you properly. Ha Ha!

13.) Evening Gown (because its fall and you never know when you’ll be invited to some black-tie event or wedding)

As the headline say’s you will probably be invited to some formal event this season because once summer is done human beings come out of hiding after fleeing the treacherous summer months. That fact alone is reason enough to throw an upscale fete and you don’t want to be unprepared if you show up on someone’s guest list at least once. Like the little black dress, a black evening gown comes in all different variations and comes in handy when you are not prepared for this unforeseen invitation and hate to last minute shop for anything. THANK ME LATER!

While this list does not nearly touch on every single piece that should be in every woman’s wardrobe, it certainly helps to establish a solid foundation. This allows the individual to be inspired by the timeless pieces that she already owns and be able to build upon that. Once you master the art of essential pieces  you are now ready to incorporate other trends that are relevant at any particular time.

Like I always say…when in doubt, wear black!


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