Designer Spotlight: Sienna Iman

I recently got a chance to sit down with an up-and-coming designer, Sienna who just launched the first iteration of her namesake brand: Sienna Iman. We grabbed lunch at a low-key spot in Chinatown and the young designer got candid about her career in fashion, how she got started and what to expect from her brand. The designer modeled a few of her garments as we shot the looks around the neighborhood. Her pieces were easy and effortless in a neutral monochromatic color palette. Enjoy!


C: Tell me about Sienna Iman.

S: Sienna Iman  is a brand that I’ve been building for a couple of years. I want to create something for a girl who is edgy and effortlessly chic and just wants to throw something on that’s already like a statement. I like a girl who likes interesting silhouettes. I pride myself on using a lot of interesting shapes and things like that. I wanted this first collection to be something that’s easy and really an introduction into Seana Iman.

C: Like a capsule collection?

S: Yes, it’s almost like a capsule collection with 5 pieces or 6 pieces 

C: Okay 5 or 6 pieces.

S: Yeah, I wanted it to be something that introduces me but just a small taste of what I can do with pieces that are basics but that are elevated which can be a million different things. You can style them any way that you want to but it still adds an interesting element to the look.

C: So you would say, your collection is more classic rather than trendy or somewhere in the middle.

S: I would say that some parts of it are classic. I think that the shapes are not necessarily classic, there is like a jogger; an off the shoulder top.


C: Street style is the new standard. I would argue that they might be considered classic pieces.

S: Yeah that is true, but definitely pieces you can wear daily. you can wear  every day, any kind of way. I’ve styled all of my pieces on myself a million different ways

C: I need everything! So jumping in, you said it’s that everyday girl that inspires you. What is that ideal woman that you wanna see coming around wearing Sienna Iman proudly? Who is she? What does she do? Where does she live? Where does she go?

S: I would definitely say that the beginning thoughts of my target woman were kind of who I knew I wanted to be when I was growing up.  Just someone who is working in fashion. Like a boss bitch who is edgy, but cool, who didn’t have to try, definitely a city girl, (but you know you can wear wherever you are). It is definitely a lot of the women I have surrounded myself with

C: I love that, what inspired your collection, your brand, design, aesthetic? In general, you as a designer.


S: There are a million things that inspired me. I am inspired by architecture a lot, the shapes that come with that. Black culture, Punk culture, Nature (sometimes), historical context, a lot of Victorianian stuff I am into and inspires me a lot. I can pull my inspiration from a lot of different things, it just depends on the collection.

C: How did you even get started with designing? How did you get into fashion?

S: It’s been a long run that I’ve been in fashion. My grandmother was a costume designer and teacher. So she taught me at a very young age, at 5 years old, sitting on her lap sewing and stuff. She was teaching me that. Like I said, she was a teacher, so eventually I was in her class learning costume design. Then I went to a creative arts high school, so I learned from the costume department there. Then I went to college for fashion design. My mom was super supportive, she always had me in arts classes from middle school and on. It has always been something that I’ve been immersed in. My family was always very supportive like always buying me fashion magazines. My aunt works in fashion. I’ve always been surrounded by it. There are a lot of people in my family who have very artistic traits. 

C: It’s embedded in you?

S: I definitely couldn’t run from it even if I wanted to.

C: How did you break into the field as a working designer?

S: When I graduated college, I was applying to a million internships. Finally got one in New York. I was going to school in Philly, but as soon as I found out that I got this internship right after grad school I was like bye. 

C: So you picked up?

S: Yeah I picked up, I left. Luckily my aunt and uncle had housing, so it was pretty easy for me to move. So I was kind of blessed and the transition was pretty smooth for me, but yeah it was like maybe 3-4 weeks after I graduated I came straight here and started working with more smaller high end brands. I learned a lot about high end fabric.


C: So you started in the luxury realm?

S: Yes, I would definitely say the luxury realm. I was a design intern, so I was helping, you know as an intern you do not get to help with a lot of the creative stuff, but I was helping with a lot of the technical stuff, which I do appreciate and has helped me to get where I am now. Towards the end of that internship, I was working in retail a little bit because fashion is brutal, so it’s hard to skip from one job to the next. I did also get to do some freelancing as a technical design and fashion design internship. I had another assistant job working with a high end brand. Now I’m working in children’s wear and trying to get back into higher end luxury. It’s a crazy market, very competitive.

C: I mean that’s the game we are playing.

S: Yeah it is, it’s the life we chose. So just trying to get back into high end. I am now starting my own brand, so at least I get to do what I love. 

C: Tell me about that work-life balance, you’re launching your own collection, you are saying I am here, I am doing this, but I also heard you say you are working in children’s wear. So walk me through what is your work life balance of working on your own brand and working for another.

S: It is definitely kind of hard some days. It is sort of just finding your own balance, I guess it is different for everyone. You have to find the motivation to do the things that are for your own brand. Working a 9-5 all day, it isn’t necessarily the easiest job and there is a lot of hard work that goes into my job. You are tired at the end of the day, but when you get home you do have to think about, what you want for yourself.

C: You are working 2 full-time jobs?

S: Lowkey, I am still freelancing as well. I got like 3 jobs and then you have to balance your social life like if you ever want to see your friends again. I work out, so there is also that. So it’s like you have to make a schedule. I have specific days throughout the month when I am going to be able to do my own work and what days I will be able to work on my freelance and what days I get to go to the gym, slack off, you know do whatever. You just have to make your own personal schedule. Find the balance that works for you. 

C: Ultimately where do you see your label or your brand going?

S: Definitely, I want to be doing this full-time, my brand is something that I want to build, I love designing. It is something that I have always loved doing, if that could be my full-time job, that would be amazing. I definitely want to get to a place where everything isn’t all handmade, since I am a smaller business. Everything is handmade, Made to order. There is a special nature to that by making things by hand. I still want to be doing things in the U.S. Eventually I want to be able to do my marketing and manufacturing a little bit wider range. Doing this full-time. This is only a small piece of what I can do. I haven’t shown you what I can do with my designs. There is a lot more I have to show.

C: What’s next for Iman? What’s that next collection? 

S: Definitely what I am doing now is going to be what I am presenting for a while. I am going to introduce some more colorways, some elevated fabrics that you can get excited about, but still doing these more basic silhouettes. Once I get really into the collection, some time next year I definitely want to step into the Fall/Winter. It is my favorite season for fashion. You got your wools, leather, furs, heavy fabrics. I will be definitely giving you a Fall/Winter little something. It is going to show how much more elevated my designs can get. This is just a small portion of it.


C: This is just a scratch on the surface! What advice would you give to that next young designer looking to launch their own collection?

S: I would say you got to continue to remember why you are doing what you are doing. Remember your why. Like I said, this industry is very competitive definitely with social media. Creating your own brand doesn’t necessarily pay the bills. You might have to have one of those odd jobs, doing work you don’t necessarily want to. You have to be passionate about making your actual dreams come true. Remember your why. If you are tired, get over it, just do what you need to do to make your brands happen. You have to stay motivated. Think about where you want to be in the next few years, even if it’s not doing a big thing every day, you can do a little bit each day. Every day after work, I was doing a little bit more, whether that was working on one of my samples, doing some pattern making or taking my product shots. Just doing a little bit each day, it will become a habit and when you look up you will have real tangible things, evidence of the work you put in. Even with me right now, it’s still hard because I am like, “I have to go to work”, “ I don’t feel like working on my brand today” or “Is this going to work out?” You know you get into your own head, but you have to remember why you are doing this, why you love this, why you wanted to be in fashion.

C: As a young black woman, a female designer, what are your thoughts on the climate of what is going on towards diversity for women of color in the fashion industry?

S: When I said the industry is saturated, I meant there are a lot of people in here, but I do think it has become much more diverse than when I was growing up looking at the industry and trying to find representation. There is a lot more now, but there is a lot more work to be done. The fashion industry is still run by a bunch of dudes who are telling women how they should look. I do think black people, especially black women have so much to share. We have a perspective that not everyone has given us the opportunity to show. There are amazing black women and designers out there like Hanifa, there are a lot more of us. You know you can’t have just one black woman in there and then be like oh you know we have our token black girl designer. That is not it. Like how we have a million and 2 white men telling us what to wear, there should be a billion black women/men showcasing the ideas that are in our heads. We are not the same person. We all don’t have the same ideas. We have such interesting perspectives. The fashion industry has a lot more work to do, especially since we have high end brands and they don’t have enough black people on their team, which is why they get caught up in scandals being called racists and just crazy things in the year 2019 that we should not be dealing with.

C: What is your opinion on how social media can lead to inclusiveness and diversity in the fashion industry?

S: I think that social media in many ways is a blessing or a curse. But I do think it is a blessing we are able to have more access to more diverse people. You can get on social media and see content from people who are Black, Asian, Hispanic or whatever and you see their different perspectives and what type of amazing content from around the world. You realize there does not have to be one type of person, one voice in this industry. No cookie cutters. Fashion is not even supposed to be that way, so I think social media is cool in that aspect that we are able to access more diverse opinions and content and culture. I think that it needs to trickle more into mainstream media and industries. It shouldn’t just be social media, like we should be giving these people real voices, platforms to showcase what they have to show. 


C: Who are some of your favorite designers?

S: I think everyone loves Alexander McQueen, seeing his work from the very beginning, I was so inspired with what he can come up with. He was like no one else. Haider Ackermann, I think the way he works with shape and silhouettes and even tones is so interesting. Alexander Wang, there are a lot of people. Like I said, growing up I was reading a lot of magazines. Always in a Vogue magazine, always in a fashion magazine. So growing up in Pittsburg, we didn’t have much fashion representation going on, so I was always in a fashion magazine, just seeing what was going on in the world. Making people buy me British Vogue. I was just inspired by people doing their thing, being creative. I think those 3 designers and others have inspired me along my journey. 

C: Last question, when is the next collection dropping, what’s concretely next for Sienna Iman?

S: I can’t give you a specific date, but for the remainder of this year, will be building my brand with what is already out and introducing you guys to new colors, etc. Next year I will be coming out with my next collection, not a capsule, a real line. I would say that if you are looking for something to expect from me, it will be a lot of textures, mixtures of textures, interesting shapes. I love strong shape and a woman who is strong and edgy and confident. It will be more luxe than this collection.


Interview: Shemari K. Banks



I was able to sit down with my friend Shemari last year to discuss his personal style, inspiration and his path in fashion. He is an influencer, sometimes stylist and a luxury personal shopper. He also shared some of his favorite brands and places to shop. Our talk was insightful and I learned so much valuable information from our time.


Chardonnay: So I obviously love what you are wearing. Break it down. I want to know who you are wearing.

Shemari: Haider Ackermann bomber jacket, HoodbyAir top, these jeans are from Noir, which is this really cool brand.

C: Is this a part of the pants or is this like your long johns?

S: Yeah those are my long johns underneath.

C: Where are those from?

S: Under Armour

C: Really, I’m learning a lot  about Men’s Fashion and it’s really some cool stuff going on. Men’s Fashion has really been interesting lately.

S: Greg Lauren is really cool. He’s Ralph Lauren’s nephew. He’s done some deconstruction.

C: Who are some of your favorite designers right now?

S: Amiri, Ben Tavernati, Unravel. Another person I like would be ….

C: Is it any of the people you are wearing right now?

S: Haider is one of my top people, but his previous collection hasn’t really been the same as past seasons. I haven’t been tempted to buy any of his clothing.

C: Are you not loving what Rick Owens is doing? I know Rick Owens is your thing.

S: Definitely number 1. 

C: Number 1, okay.

S: Rick is #1, then after Rick is probably Amiri,  then Yohji [Yamamoto] and Greg Lauren

C: That’s a good line up.

S: There is this designer I can’t pronounce his name, but he used to design for Number 9, I think it’s like [Taka Hiromiyashita]

C: Is he a Japanese designer? 


S: Yes. Really cool stuff, his brand is called TheSoloist

C: You know I have a thing for Japanese designers

S: He makes high waisted jeans for guys which is cool.

C: What new designers are you excited about? Because there are so many new people that are killing it.

S: In menswear, Unravel. I think Unravel is going to take over.

C: Going back to your personal style.. I was looking over your Instagram and I would literally wear every one of your looks. That’s how we met because I was obsessed with everything that you were doing. What’s your process when getting dressed in the morning? What does that look like? How do you pick out your look for the day?

S: I mean I think about if I’m like passing a tourist, if it would look good photographed.

C: Shut up, is that what you think about? 

S: If a tourist sees me, are they gonna take a picture?

C: This is the representation of New York they’ll have. That is hilarious. How would you describe your aesthetic in 3 words? If you were dressing for this tourist what would you describe that as?

S: Non-Gender Binary 

C: Oh I love that, you know I always loved that about you because I can literally wear any one of your looks and feel like it would fit me too. I love that about you. 

S: That’s pretty much the main aesthetic 

C: Okay, how do you feel about the overall culture of fashion right now? Like the state of it, it is so different, it’s so different from what we’ve seen in the past years.

S: I think right now it’s like really good because designers get to do more like major fashion houses are making fun clothes which is rare, it just wasn’t a thing. They are making stuff that people can wear everyday.

C: Yeah and it’s fun. I think fashion is more fun now. It wasn’t like this in the past years. 

S: It really wasn’t. I got into shoes first then got into clothes. I like shoes more than clothes. It’s just that now clothing is stepping over shoes. They are just making a lot of cool shit.

C: Same, I love shoes. That was literally a question I wanted to ask you, what are your top 3 favorite shoes of all time? I’m going to guess one of those is your Saint Laurent’s because those are a classic, good riding boots. You can’t miss.

S: Of all time, Saint Laurent Harness Boots, Rick Owens Vicious Runner Ankle Boots, the next would be, it’s a shoe that I don’t own but it would be a Tom Brown ankle brogue. They are definitely a shoe that everyone needs. It’s amazing. 


C: Backing up, are you a sneakers guy, I know you wear those cool classic boots. Are you into sneakers? I’ve never actually seen you wear sneakers. 

S: It’s actually like really rare. I own like 130 pairs of sneakers.

C: Shut up, 130 pairs!

S: I have 3 shoe stands of just shoes

C: Are you serious? I need to see that

S: Yeah it varies from sneakers to slippers, Del Toro slippers. I think outfits start with shoes, I would just keep buying shoes.

C: So you dress from the feet and up.

S: Yeah from the feet up. If I can’t wear the shoes I want to wear I would just change the complete outfit.

C: I love that.

S: I love a lot of Nike running shoes, Under Armor running shoes. It’s pretty interesting

C: I never saw you wear that. It’s not right now top of mind but you still love it? 

S: Under Armor made a shoe called The Speedform Apollo, granted I worked for Under Armor at the time, I own every color in the Speedform Apollo and Speedform RT every single color there except they made this one color that I don’t own because it was exclusive to Corporate and Football Team at University of Maryland

C: So that’s legit the only one, but you own every other color?

S: Yeah I own every other color so I have like 16 pairs of that shoe and I have duplicates of them too.

C: I don’t even know what that shoe looks like, but I need to see it.

S: And that’s why I legit have so many shoes because I have duplicates of the same shoe

C: So are you like, whenever I’m finished with that one I can switch it into a fresh pair.

S: It’s not even switching it into a fresh pair, it’s I literally just have it to have it. 

C: Because you love it?

S: It’s also because my mom wears the same size as me. So if I wear it and my mom likes it and when I’m tired of the look I just give her the new pair.


C: So was it your mom who put you onto fashion? Is that where your passion for fashion came from?

S: Nah my passion for fashion came from me being bored at home one day and I was looking into the mirror and was like this shadow looks cool and I drew the shadow and I wondered how cool this would look on shoes and then I sketched out a shoe and put the logo on it and was like “ Oh this would look pretty cool” That’s how I got into fashion, It was through shoes

C: That’s pretty dope! Through shoes. What’s your favorite color?

S: My favorite is gold 

C: Interesting. Really?

S:  Yeah that’s my favorite color 

C: Gold! Why? Interesting choice

S: Because growing up when I came to America everybody would say what’s your favorite color and everyone expected a boy to say blue and a girl to say pink and I was like nah I like gold, gold is cool. Yeah I don’t know why I just always liked the color. 

C: If you could wear only one brand ever..

S: From head to toe?

C: From head to toe and you couldn’t wear anything else, what brand would that be? 

S: Rick Owens,

C: I figured, really?

S: Yeah 

C: Why?

S: Because out of all the brands that make stuff from head to toe that I like would be Rick, Saint Laurent and those are the only two brands I would wear from head to toe and I think Saint Laurent sneakers aren’t up to par whereas Rick’s sneakers are and you can wear them everyday 

C: What’s your go-to piece that you just covet and can’t get rid of? Or do you have one?

S: Yeah I actually do have one, the shoe that I wear the most is probably the Rick Owen level runners White Leather, those are probably my biggest go-to shoe.

C: I love those

S: There is another one though that I do wear more often because it rains and stuff which are the Rick Owens Cargo Baskets, yeah those are my favorite shoe in general. That’s literally the shoe that got me into Rick Owens. I think that’s one of the coolest shoes ever made like it comes with a cargo pocket at the side. 

C: Switching gears, how did you even get into fashion? I know you said that you saw this shadow but is it a passion or Is it a hobby? 

S: I think it’s more for fun.

C: More of a hobby?

S: I love it because I love when people look good 

C: Yeah

S: I feel like society would be so much cooler if all day, everyday everybody just slaying 

C: Yeah, same


S: Even if it’s just simple just looking very well put together in some way even if its basic clothing. Just being themselves. That’s what I like about fashion, people just being themselves and where it blurs but what I don’t like about fashion is when things get too trendy and people wear stuff just because everyone else is wearing it, that part I don’t like, but I love the self-expression.

C: I love that too. 

S: I even dressed preppy at one point. 

C: I can’t see you preppy, you were preppy at a point?

S: I was super preppy     

C: I could not see you like that

S: It was disgusting, let’s not talk about that, I used to wear burgundy trousers with boat shoes 

C:  Really? Im glad I missed that era

S: It’s like way down on my instagram 

C: Wow Im gonna have to scroll down 

S: You don’t want to see that 

C: I probably don’t. So obviously my blog is wearblacktheory, I know you wear a lot of black. That’s really what I want to get to. Why do New Yorkers or people in general wear a lot of black. Why do you wear a lot of black? 

S: The funny thing is this answer is going to be really weird. 

C: I’m glad to hear it. 

S: I didn’t start wearing black until 2015, I wore every color except black. 

C: Your burgundy trousers

S: I wore burgundies, reds, whites. Actually I didn’t wear red as much because my mom didn’t allow me.

C: Why? 

S: She thought the bloods would come and get me weird Jamaican stuff.

C: What made you start wearing black then?

S: One day I went inside my closet And I was like I don’t own any black jeans 

C: Are you serious?

S: And it’s weird because I own a lot of jeans like a lot of jeans pass the normal number 

C: Pass 20?

S: Way pass 20.

C: Really?

S: It was like “how don’t you have black jeans? and I ended up just buying a whole bunch of black jeans, they were all like really cheap.

Chardonnay 5

C: So you felt like your best self in your black jeans. 

S: Yeah they were really cool, my favorite black jeans were Naked & Famous ones, they look like leather and everyone thought they were leather but it was just wax. It was pretty much how I just slowly got into black and sometimes I’m really lazy and it’s easy. 

C: Black is easy. I mean you throw on a black look and you can wear that anywhere.

S: Exactly.

 C: Where are you from?

S: Jamaica

C: What’s your go-to look? Your uniform? Because I always see you in black obviously, is that your go-to?

S:  There are two maybe 3 things that are my go-to’s, specifically if I’m going to school, there are these Blood Brothers Cargos/joggers. I bought them because everyone buys Nike tech pants and they look just like those but they are double lined so they are warmer.

C: For New York!

S: So I would wear that and my Rick Owen Ramones the green ones and an oversized hoodie, just a random one not designer. Something that I found at Zara or Century 21 for like 20 bucks and its not my size and not meant to be oversized but I bought it in a xxl because that’s all they had.

C: But it works.

S: Yeah it works and the next look would probably be drop crotch sweatpants with knee high boots. Then the 3rd, I just bought these Junn.J flared sweatpants.

C: I saw you post that, I never heard of that brand but I am totally into it. I’m obviously into whatever you are wearing. I saw you tagged them and I was like “Oh I never heard of that brand”.

S: The brand is really cool, it’s like a South Korean brand. He’s been designing since like 2002. I don’t remember correctly and he had another brand.

C: South Korean?

S: Yeah, the brand is based off androgynous suiting. 

C: That’s totally up my alley, I love that. Where do you shop? What are your places?

S: So I would say about 50% of my wardrobe comes from

C: Oh I love SSENSE.

S: Yeah, I would say thats like 50% of my stuff. They take a lot of our money and they also get the exclusives views on certain pieces. SSENSE is where I shop a lot online. In person…


C: Barneys?

S: Yup, Barneys (pre-close) and Jeffreys. 

C: Yeah Jeffreys is pretty cool.

S: Outside of boutiques. There is also this really cool boutique on West 8th. It is called Shop Untitled.

C: Love that place.

S: They sell really cool things and brands like Demobaza which is pretty good. They also sell Tom Krom which is a German brand. I wear a lot of Tom Krom. 

C: Nice.

S: So it is Barneys, Shop Untitled, Jeffreys, SSENSE, and then until recently I do have a whole seller that I go through that I can not say.

C: You can tell me aside from this interview. You need to tell me because I need to know your secrets because I want all your clothes. Is it yoox?

S: Yes, it is one of them.

C: Why are you holding on to your secret spots? We want to know. 

S: I have made a lot of money off of yoox thats why.

C: I’m on Yoox all the time looking at stuff. I love the sales. I love to discover pieces but I love a bargain, I love a good deal. Everything is a sample sale. I love it. 

S: That’s another thing I was going to start talking about.  I go major sample sale shopping.

C: I’m just getting into that. All the sample sales are here. Just knowing you can go directly to that brand. 

S: Dover Street Market sample sale is the best sample sale I’ve ever been to. 

C: Love them too.

S: There are two more places that I shop at, Barney warehouse (pre-close).  And the last place is Matches.

C: Oh I love Matches, they have everything.

S: I had to stop buying from there because I had a bad experience.

C: Oh no.

S: Yeah those are pretty much my spots. Then there is, Farfetch is a combination of boutiques worldwide. If you’re avoiding paying tax thats the best place to go except if you’re buying from a boutique in New York, thats when they will tax you which is really stupid. 


C: Okay, I want to end it on this. I have two questions left. What do you love and hate about New York? I know you are from Jamaica, what is New York for you? I think it is a fascinating place, this is the place for fashion. 

S: I think New York is awesome because it is one of the only places in America where you can leave your house at 2am and find something to do and see people wearing cool shit.

C: Yes, thats why I care about it. I literally can walk in any neighborhood and see people in dope shit. I love that. It gives me energy.

S: No matter what time or what type of vibe.

C: So last question, I know you are in school. So if you were not in fashion what would you be doing? What would be your career path? 

S: A really well dressed personal trainer or something. 

C: Fashion would just be your thing?

S: Like how I am now, It’s a hobby but I would not necessarily say its a career but I enjoy it.

C: Thats good because your knowledgable and you have great content. This is your niche. 

S: I’m in school for Kinseology. I played sports my whole life. I love sports. I love helping through injuries. I specifically want to help athletes. I do not think I would be able to empathize with someone who comes in and who’s pissed off about a jacket or something or the button. Those things are superficial. So you do know there is a superficial layer to fashion? You can build someone else’s confidence with their wardrobe, but when it comes from confidence from fitness, people depending on their body, how you feel about your body is a 100% of how you’re going to feel in the clothes. How you view your body is how you feel. That is why I like fitness. Everyone just needs to be healthy. You can’t wear fly clothes because you are in a wheel chair because you had a stroke. 

C: But you kinda can though. You can be an unhealthy person but still be fly in your wheel chair.

S: There’s someone in my hood like that

C: You can be the person on a cane but you fly as shit. You got one leg but you can wear what you want.

S: True.




#OOTD: Floral x Studs


We’re a couple days into Fashion Week and the weather in NYC is inexplicably warmer than a few days past. After experiencing some of the coldest temps ever seen in the last ten years, the sun gods have given us a few warm weather days (54 degrees means warm on the east coast)!

With that being said I wanted to share a look of the day post that is definitely temp appropriate and a sneak peek of what we can expect in warmer months.

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 2.24.46 am

Mikey and I took a stroll through Dumbo to get inspired by some of the dopest graffiti that you can only get in Brooklyn. The sun was shining and everyone was out in the streets wearing their best Pre-Spring looks.

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 2.22.59 am

I decided to wear something a little more body conscious than usual and slipped on a beautiful Prabal Gurung dress. The black and white printed top juxtaposed with a floral bottom, offered a fun and feminine look to take in the beautiful day.

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 2.20.29 am

I decided to pair this dress with my favorite leather jacket I scored at a little boutique while I was in Paris last year. The studs added a hint of edge to an otherwise feminine garment.

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 2.21.36 am

This look was paired with my go to thigh high sock boots that I picked up at Zara two years ago. I completed the ensemble with a pair of black and white sunnies that I found on the streets of Soho last year.

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 2.36.10 am

This look made me feel sexy, fun and flirty while still embodying my cool girl edge. I am so grateful for the short winter reprieve and I plan on wearing more looks that don’t require 6 different layers to function.

I hope you enjoyed this post and were inspired for your spring looks to come. Stay warm out there and like I always say.. When in doubt..wear black! Xo

#OOTD: Girl Boss Suit


Wearblacktheory is back and better than ever! I know, I know, I’ve said that before but I’m really pinky promising this time. We’ve been shooting so much content and trust me it’s worth the wait. Jumping right in with a new year, new me look of the day post.

Me and my new photographer Mikey, took a stroll through Dumbo and got really inspired for this post. We happened upon some dope street art that served as the perfect backdrop to compliment this metallic pant suit set from the brand Habitual.

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 10.40.33 am

I paired it with a ribbed mock neck long sleeve top to keep the look casual and cool. My favorite pair of fishnet combo pumps from Zara added a layer of edge.

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 8.14.43 am

The perfect pair of cat eye sunnies from the brand Mink shielded my eyes for the day. This look was effortless and made me feel like a chic, badass girl boss who could do anything she set her mind to!

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 8.28.54 am

My new blond crop, courtesy of Dmichele Collection, allowed me to become another version of myself and let’s just say that blondes definitely DO have more fun. I’m really having fun with this hair and it pairs well with my basic black wardrobe pallet.

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 12.23.13 am
We ended the night with dinner and drinks at a local Jamaican spot and went over our goals for the year, including how we wanted to grow the site. We’ve been cooking up a bunch of new content for you guys including: beauty posts, compelling interviews, exciting editorials and much, much more.

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 1.17.42 am

I am truly looking forward to the next step on this journey and I finally have all the pieces to the puzzle that had been missing in previous years. I’m excited to grow and share with you all and I hope you leave here seriously inspired. I wish you all the best in this new year and remember like I always say, when in doubt…#wearblack! xo

10 Classic Quotes about Wearing Black


The theory behind why we love to wear the color black is simple and complex at the same time. Many of us tend to use this style as a safety net while others use it to feel different from the norm. Some tend to utilize this technique as a way to slim and deemphasize parts of their bodies. Others see this as a uniform or a simplistic way of dressing. Black can be many things to different individuals but it can be concluded that black is classic and iconic and has been explored and loved by many great people in fashion as well as all of us as consumers of it. Here are some of my favorite quotes that sum up wearblacktheory:


1. “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” – Wednesday Addams

Though Wednesday Addams isn’t a real person or even someone who works in fashion, one can’t deny that this is one of the most iconic lines of all time regarding wearing the color black. Arguably, Wednesday’s style has impacted and influenced the culture of fashion in a way that anyone that loves to wear the black can relate to. 

2. “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a ‘little black frock’ is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.” – Christian Dior

Christian Dior had a major point when he stated that black can be worn at anytime. There is no age barrier and all individuals can be said to look good wearing the color black. it is universal from casual wear to more formal. The “little black frock” is mandator and every woman should own several!

3. “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” – Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel, who is probably one of the most influential people to solidify wearing black as a standard that would soon become iconic and influence so many. Black truly does have it all and is always appealing no matter who wears it. White is also a great counter part to black and is always complementary. 



4. “I work in three shades of black.” – Rei Kawakubo

“Black, Matte Black, Rich Black”  – Chardonnay T.

5. “Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the whole world, made of all the colors in the palette.” – Ricardo Tisci

Elegance and black definitely go hand and hand. As it is the absence of color or all the colors combined, black has the power to be absolute when it comes to clothing. Some of the best designs have always been more impactful when they come in black. 

6. “Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They’re so … empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.” – Ann Demeulemeester

Though many think black is only a color for mourning, I believe it is definitely the happiest color for me. It is vivid and concrete and does the opposite of what most other colors do for a particular garment. As Ann Demeulemeester says, “Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me.” I can definitely relate as often times too much color when done incorrectly can definitely be depressing. 


7. “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy—but mysterious. But above all, black says this: I don’t bother you—don’t bother me.” –  Yohji Yamamoto

This is probably the best overall description of how I feel about the color black. It is these same dichotomies and contradictions that embody wearblacktheory.


8. “One is never over- or underdressed with a little black dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld said it best, a little black dress is the cure all no matter the occasion. You can definitely never be under nor over dressed in a black frock. It is mostly always appropriate and can be easily dressed up or down. This piece is an essential for all women and owning several options is necessary.

9. “I love black because it affirms, designs, and styles. A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke.” — Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent made strong use of the color black in several of his collections which also solidify the hue as a early staple in the fashion community. The idea that the color affirms a design and gives it true meaning allowing the work and construction of a garment to truly shine.


10. “I think in black.” – Gareth Pugh

Black is a constant part of my personal aesthetic and most of the things around me also share that same color pallet. Whether it is my home, work or even leisure, I prefer a color scheme that is in line with the color black.


Like I always say, when in doubt…wear black! xo


#OOTD: Helmut Accessories


I am back with with new bangs and more new content than ever. I can’t wait to share everything I’ve been working on since the last post and I am ready to give you consistent content regularly. I look forward to this next chapter for wearblacktheory and all the amazing creatives I have had the chance to work with. Jumping right in I want to share a cool look I wore from a few weeks ago.

Can’t believe its already almost November and we are just beginning to fell the Fall weather here in NYC. While I am anxious to pull out all of my cool weather looks, I was very thankful for the last several warm weather weeks we have had. There were still some more light weight items and looks that I still wanted to have a chance to wear. 


I decided to sport this super cool and super chic asymmetric dress from the brand Adeam. It was perfect for the weather and it boasted several fun layers and pleats that added to its appeal. There was also some small hardware details that added to the coolness factor of the look.


In order to give the look a little more character, I threw on my favorite Helmut Lang bra-bag and wore it backwards as a back pack. The harness-like effect gave the look an edgier feel. It also helped break up the dress while giving me a more cinched waist. This bag is multi-purpose and whenever I wear it I feel like a rock star!


I paired these with a fun pair of string-up Helmut Lang sandals. The cylinder shaped block heel and the square toe box were added details and were perfect for comfort while strolling through the city.


As always, I finished my look with my favorite pair of super chic cat eye sunnies that I picked up a while back from a street vendor in Soho!


I definitely was able to spend a relaxing day in the city while enjoying the last days of warm weather before Fall hits full force. I can’t wait to layer like crazy and wear all the great boots that are out this season. I hope you liked this look as much as I enjoyed wearing it.

And like I always say, when in doubt…wear black! xo


Essential Pieces: Fall Staples


With the fall season here and the cooler weather swiftly approaching, aka my favorite time of the year, it is essential that you have all the necessary pieces ready to go in your wardrobe. As I’ve mentioned before I am a lazy dresser and the less time I have figuring out my look of the day the better. I believe that it is important to have your wardrobe stockpiled with all the essential pieces that will prepare you for an effortless fall wardrobe. Like the old adage says “when you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” While there are always many new trends and styles alike that dominate the fashion scene each season, if you have the essentials already prepped and ready to go in your closet, then you are already a step ahead of the competition. While I cannot readily detail all of the pieces that will be relevant this season, I can at least provide you with the items that I believe any woman should have as staples in her everyday wardrobe.

1.) Turtle Necks (lots of them in every color)

If you know me you know that I am crazy about turtle necks. I have been in love with them since my mother made me wear one for school picture day in the fourth grade. I hated it at the time but as soon as I realized how chic it looked compared to what my peers were wearing I became an instant fan. I love that you can dress it up or down and it is essential for any woman’s wardrobe.

2.) Leather Skinnies

I am the queen of black leather skinnies and it is definitely my favorite clothing item of all time. I have several pairs and I am always on the hunt for new ones to add to my already vast collection. I believe that it is an essential piece and it instantly adds an extra level of cool to any look.

3.) Over-Sized Sweaters

These are the perfect excuse to be a lazy dresser during the autumn months. The over-sized sweater is probably one of my top picks to always have on hand. It is easy and effortless and when worn right it becomes a chic understated look. I would suggest having several of these and you can even get a few of them that are not black ;). These can easily be paired with a pair of your leather skinnies to add a contrasting edge to the ensemble.

4.) Perfect White Button Down

This piece is an obvious need and it cannot be overlooked even when you are a lover of all black. The white button down will forever be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. The need to find the perfect one is essential and it plays as a foundation piece that can be layered or worn alone as the statement piece.

5.) Tailored Pair of Slacks

If you are as OCD as I am, you would definitely agree with this. The devil is surely in the details and a pair of slacks that aren’t tailored is like not having your regular cup of coffee in the morning. TRAGIC! I am very anal when it comes to tailoring your clothes and if you want to be taken seriously your clothes should not be ill-fitting. A tailored pair of slacks is an essential piece for not only the working business woman but also for any woman that desires to be prepared for any situation. These slacks serve the purpose of adding a piece to your wardrobe that says that you are serious!

6.) Black Leather Biker Jacket

This is probably the second most important piece that you should have hanging in your closet. A leather biker jacket obviously adds a little edginess to any and every look but it is a piece that you can transition through any season. It is not only necessary to have this readily available in your wardrobe but it is probably more pressing for it to be the perfect one (from the brand ACNE preferably)! This is not as easy of a task as you think. This jacket has to withstand the test of time and be of good quality as well as convey the message that you didn’t try too hard even though you probably did. LOL! Even after you have found THE jacket you shouldn’t limit yourself and get a few more so that you will have options. We love options! You will more often than not wear that ONE but the idea of having more to choose from makes you feel better because you can obviously wear any of the other ones if you really wanted to (sarcasm).

7.) Oversized Coat

While the weather may not be as drastic as the winter months, it is still noted that you should already be prepared with one of these in your closet. The over-sized coat serves not only the purpose of keeping you warm but it is a comfortable and it can portray an easiness in any look that you may pair it with. Plus, you never know when there may be that one frigid day that deserves a sample of what level of chic that you will have to look forward to in the winter.

8.) Cashmere Sweater

EVERY single individual should own at least one cashmere item and a sweater is the most obvious choice in a list of options. This is essential to own as anything cashmere is more than likely to be of excellent quality and if you own a sweater that comes in that material then you have officially become an adult. While anything cashmere is probably on the pricier end, this is an investment piece that will serve you well. You can always find one that is on sale as I am proud to say I just purchased a sweater for seventy percent off of the full price. That is obviously an amazing deal and there are many other options that can be found at a similar price.

9.) Leather Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is not really a pencil skirt if it doesn’t come in leather. I know, I know, I am heavy handed on leather but it’s my favorite material and I can’t help it. Which is the very reason that it is the perfect piece to include on this list. The pencil skirt has always been an important piece that every woman should possess. This updated version in leather is even more necessary. This is an alternative option of a classic piece but this updated version packs a more powerful punch.

10.) Little Black Dress (you should have multiple but one more can never hurt)

This goes without being said but I will take this opportunity to reinforce the need to have this mandatory clothing item in your wardrobe (year round). Many if not most of all women have at least one of these hanging up already, but I had to reiterate this fact for those who may not have known that this is certainly a NEED. The little black dress was popularized by THEE Coco Chanel herself and it has been a catch all for any and every event that you can think of attending. You can get any iteration of this as there are countless options and it is flattering on women of all ages and sizes. The more the merrier!

11.) Camel Colored Trench Coat (get a black one too while you’re at it)

This is a slight deviation from the all black mantra but sometimes you have to be open minded as long as the piece is cohesive with your wardrobe. A camel colored trench is a classic and it certainly complements any variation of an all-black look. The chic sophistication that the trench coat adds to a look is second to none and I am even more convinced that everyone would feel the same. For those that are not willing to step out your comfort zone of black on black on black, don’t fret because there is always the option to get it in black. You can even get one in both colors.

12.) Tailored Black Skirt Suit

Again, I will stress the importance of tailoring and how it can make or break a good piece. That is no different when talking about a classic black suit. It is probably even more important than not because nine time out of ten you are probably going to go somewhere that requires this option such as work, a business meeting, church or even court if you are some kind of criminal or something. The judge will likely be more lenient if your suit fits you properly. Ha Ha!

13.) Evening Gown (because its fall and you never know when you’ll be invited to some black-tie event or wedding)

As the headline say’s you will probably be invited to some formal event this season because once summer is done human beings come out of hiding after fleeing the treacherous summer months. That fact alone is reason enough to throw an upscale fete and you don’t want to be unprepared if you show up on someone’s guest list at least once. Like the little black dress, a black evening gown comes in all different variations and comes in handy when you are not prepared for this unforeseen invitation and hate to last minute shop for anything. THANK ME LATER!

While this list does not nearly touch on every single piece that should be in every woman’s wardrobe, it certainly helps to establish a solid foundation. This allows the individual to be inspired by the timeless pieces that she already owns and be able to build upon that. Once you master the art of essential pieces  you are now ready to incorporate other trends that are relevant at any particular time.

Like I always say…when in doubt, wear black!

Style Icons: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen


Mark-Kate and Ashley Olsen have possibly played the most significant role in developing my personal style and ultimately my taste and eye for fashion. From their entry into the fashion world with their very successful fashion line that was an instant hit at Walmart to their luxury brand “The Row” and its sister brand “Elizabeth & James”, these women have solidified their place in fashion history.


My love for aviators came about as a result of my favorite fashion twins and how they effortlessly pair them with any outfit to complete the look. 

Lexus Design Disrupted Fashion Experience event held at SIR Stage 37 - Arrivals Featuring: Mary-Kate Olsen,Ashley Olsen Where: New York, United States When: 05 Sep 2013 Credit: TRY CW/

Each twin has their own sense of style as they each interpret the same message differently. 


While both perspectives are noted, I am more inclined to favor some of Mary-Kate’s looks more often than not. 


While Ashley’s style has a more feminine twist to their shared love of all black, Mary-Kate looks are more eclectic and eccentric


Both ladies never fail to impress me and will always be my go-to muses when I am dressing myself each day. 


Their effortless style and love of all black is enough for me to know that these ladies will forever be influential in the world of fashion as well as to fashion enthusiast all over the world.


These looks are both understated yet significant. Their fashion savvy knowledge of being effortless yet mindful that the devil is in the details is demonstrated by the unexpected cinched belts over their outerwear.  


Full fur looks were at play as these twin moguls took to the red carpet.


Olsen’s off-duty.


Met Gala 2014

The dynamic duo took a note from their own playbook and stunned in all black looks for last years event. They’re signature style was in full force as they tried on more subtle yet elegant looks for the famed soiree.


Met Gala 2015

They’re signature full black looks were a go-to yet again for this years most recent gathering and their looks, though subtle and demure, landed them on the best-dressed lists among so many other well dressed celebs.


These phenomenal women and fashion icons will always be my favorites and they have undoubtedly taught me a valuable lesson when it comes to fashion: when in doubt… #wearblack..xo!



I had so much fun styling this shoot and I used my good friend Brittany as my model muse for the week! We got a chance to collaborate on a few looks and working with this beauty was so easy! When I style a woman I am always mindful of her strengths and I love to highlight those assets.  My vision for this shoot was to simply dress a woman who enjoys life and does not like to make a big fuss of her wardrobe choices. This woman is uncomplicated and confident but doesn’t take her self too seriously. She embodies an effortless level of chicness and prefers simple over gaudy any day. This woman is well-dressed and she knows it!


Simple styling in this look was strong enough to uplift a little black dress. This A-line garment paired well with leather over-the-knee boots which added a level of edge to an other wise softer ensemble. Minimal jewelry played a subtle role in pulling this look all together. 

Another fun look we did was a simple black body suit paired with high waisted dark denim. To brighten up the simple pairing we added a fun faux-fur vest.


A simple black ankle boot added another level of cool and was all that was needed to complete this look.

This third look is my personal fave. A classic black turtle neck is always a fall/winter staple and it pairs easily with many other pieces. We decided to pair one classic with another: The leather midi-skirt


A fun, eclectic black pump added a modern twist to this uniformed look. A black topper was the exclamation point that also gave some flair to this modest ensemble.

For a more dressed up look, a deep-plunging little black midi dress was the statement piece. The LBD is always a go-to and is flattering on women of all shapes and sizes.


A simple pair of black pumps was all that was needed to solidify this classic yet strong look.

This last look is fun and youthful and it is for the woman with an edgier side. Rule-of-thumb: Leather paired with lace is NEVER a bad idea!


A lace cami and leather skater skirt was coupled with a pair of leather combat boots. The ease of this combination created a bold yet functional look that can be worn with confidence.

As I wrap up this post I can’t help but think how thrilled I am to share all the exciting ideas I have been working on this year.  I hope to create a platform for good taste and creative ideas and I am so thankful for all the support. Stay tuned for my #OOTD post. This is going to be an exciting year!!

P.S. When in doubt.. #wearblack #theory

Wear Black Theory

Welcome to Wear Black Theory,

Head-to-toe black is my all time favorite and my everyday go-to look. I always feel my best and it represents who I am and what I am about precisely. All black for me says i’m strong, yet humble; i’m mysterious, yet powerful; i’m low key, yet prominent. All black is easy and confident at the same time and it embodies everything that makes me feel good. 


Black is a go-to for me and it always makes me feel like the most powerful person in the room. I am a fashion lover who is always on the go and this uniform leaves me well equipped to get the job done. It’s reliable and always a go. 


Black is my every day uniform. I can dress it up or down and still feel like my look is solid. I don’t have to think too long about an outfit choice as I can readily pull a few pieces from my closet and somehow I am mostly always successful. I believe that wardrobe choice should be effortless and by curating a cohesive closet, many of the pieces should be versatile enough to pair well together. 


In an effort to make head-to-toe black look a little less mundane, mixing textures is a good practice. Interesting designs and layering pieces is another tool that I use in an effort to mix up an all black outfit.


There is a certain presence that is given off when a woman wears black and the message it portrays is that I am strong and powerful and I  know what I want. This theory is summed up in a few words: Strong, bold, confident, effortless, always chic, classic, staple, humble and confident!!


I hope you find this blog helpful as a source of inspiration and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.  Whenever you are contemplating a solid look and there is no hope in sight, like I always say…when in doubt #wearblack…xo!